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Public datasets refer to government data that can be freely used, shared, and re-used by all citizens, public or private sector agencies, for any purpose.

It serves as a catalyst in the people's initiatives of the government. The implementation of open data enables the upgrade of quality and transparency in presenting government services via the sharing of accurate, fast and relevant data. Besides that, it can also improve the productivity and economy of the country via new industries/innovations with citizen involvement and business communities. The Public Sector Open Data (PSOD)at data.gov.my was launched in 2014 and is ranked at 41 out of 86 countries for Open Data rating. The PSOD eases the access of government open data that is centralized and from official sources.

More information regarding the Implementation of Public Sector Open Data can be referred to in the following circulars:

PSM Open Data Catalogue

Document Link
List of Arenas under PSM Management  EXCEL
List of Awards for PSM Sports Complex  EXCEL
List of International Events held at Sports Complexes under PSM Management  EXCEL
Facilities at PSM Sports Complexes  EXCEL
Total audience capacity in each Arena under PSM Management  EXCEL
Total Visitors to the Complexes under PSM Management  EXCEL