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The Logo reflects the form of the half-roof as a symbol of National Stadium and the identity of KSN.

Seven bars across the roof of a symbolic sign of grandeur and uniqueness of KSN and carry the meaning of the seven of the venue in the national sports complex of the National Stadium, Stadium Putra, Hockey Stadium, National Stadium, National Aquatics Centre, the national Squash Centre and the Bowling pitch.

While the circle be connectors to the roof represents the three (3) parks in the national sports complex which is the X-Treme Sports National, Bukit Sungai Kuyoh Commonwealth and the coast.

The circle and the circle in the middle of the roof reflects the concept of integrated multipurpose venue.

Red Colour

Represents the courage,strength and competitive.

Blue Colour

Describes the height of inspiration and pride of the people against the National Sports Complex.

Purple Colour

Consolidation to all colors for giving rise to an atmosphere of comfort, unity, harmony and balance.

"National sports complex" - Malaysian Corporation that surrounds the logo brings the meaning of cooperation, consensus and strong staff of KSN to ensure that the venue and is known as a world-class venue"

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