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1. Question : What type of events held at the National Sports Complex (NSC)?

Answer: There are many types of events held at the NSC like sporting events, concerts, exhibits, carnival sales, sales expo, convention, graduation ceremony and more. But starting from October 2015 until 2017 Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex do not organized any event due to upgrading works. However, our branches are operating  as usual.

2. Question : What programs or activities organized by the National Sports Complex? 

Answer: The programs organized by the National Sports Complex for the year was Hari Sukan Negara and indoor sports. These events are known as in-house event operated by Corporate Communication Department.

3. Question : How can I participate in programs organized by the NSC? 

Answer: You can participate in programs organized by the management KSN to fill the entry form available at the customer service counter KSN or PSM Official Facebook and Twitter, through the KSN website, or through advertising in the print media or directly contact person in charge.

4. Question : What facilities are available at the NSC? 

Answer: The facilities provided are recreational pools, squash courts, a track for athletics, hockey stadium, badminton courts, basketball courts, lawn tennis, beach volleyball, basketball.

5. Question : How do I make a reservation to use the venue at the NSC? 

Answer: Venue Booking can be done by completing the form of venue booking at the Business and Marketing Department or reservations also can be made via telephone.

6. Question : What is the rental rate charged by the management to use the venue and facilities at the NSC? 

Answer: Rental rates charged vary by type of event will be held. For further information relating to rental use of the venue and equipment shall communicate directly with any officer at Business Development Department at 03-89920888.

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