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  • Just a 15-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur City, you will be able to witness the National Bowling Center Bukit Kiara was amazing. It has been recognized as the largest Bowling and most sophisticated Course in Malaysia. The Centre is also an ideal base for those who like to enjoy a game of bowling in course and relaxing.

    Located on a hilltop surrounded by trees, this is the venue for court bowling pitch during the XVI Commonwealth Games Kuala Lumpur 98 '.

    If you think that a view is suitable to take fresh air, you wait until you are in the game Court. This Course is a Bowling Centre consists of five types of Bermuda grass Court that is always in good condition all the time. Natural grass layer is imbued by overseas experts using the Ayr Strath system.

    Each field is 40m x 40m in size and each equipped with four units of floodlight with iluminasi up to 1200 lux. This Court also equipped with computerised scoring systems used in support of the common manual. A computer is placed in each field to provide information to the electronic eyes of the master Board operator.

    A capacity audience that can fit in this venue was a total of 1,000 people and includes 300 people in the main stage area. Wide area along the field is suitable for placing temporary seating is needed.

    Rest and relax in the clubhouse equipped with various modern amenities to the participants, competition, media staff and guests. Also included are other facilities such as changing rooms, cafeteria, lounge, VIP rooms and many others for the convenience and comfort of the users of the venue.

    In short, the Bowling Center Course Bukit Kiara is the ideal place to enjoy bowling with course and its environment.
  • Under Construction
  • EventDetailsRental Rate
    Bowling Pitch Association 1 field – RM200.00 (1 day)
    5 field- RM1000.00 (1 day)
    Private 1 field – RM250.00 (1 day)
    5 field- RM1250.00 (1 day)
    OKU 1 field – RM100.00 (1 day)
    5 field- RM500.00 (1 day)

    DetailsRental Rate
    Package Rates, Audio Systems And Lighting System
    Once use all equipment RM7,800.00
    Stage (40’ x 40’) RM7,200.00
    Audio system RM600.00
    Lamps RM400.00
    Audio System & Lamps RM800.00
    Rates Ads
    (The maximum size of each A-Board is 20’ x 2 ½’)
    RM50.00 per unit per day
    Display advertising on scoreboard RM500.00 for 30 seconds
    Billboard RM250.00 per unit per day
    Posters RM15.00 per unit per day
    Advertising Balloon RM100.00 per unit per day (large)
    RM1.00 per unit per day (small)
    Flag liner (10’ long) RM30.00 per unit per day
    Bunting (max size per bunting is 2’ x 6’) RM50.00 per unit per day
    Banner (max size per banner is 2’ x 6’) RM50.00 per unit per day
    Other ads in the KSNBJ and KSNBK RM100.00 min - negotiable
    Display ads use 'Screen' RM1000.00 per day
    Display ads using Laser 'beam' RM1000.00 per day
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