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  • Located next to the Bowling National Course. Two buildings located on the Hill tingkatini is a venue for internal and external activities.

    Everthing about 12010 square metres, the stadium is fully dilngkapi with air conditioning for the Court the ball is an event during the XVI Commonwealth Games mesh screens-Kuala Lumpur 98 '.

    At the bottom of the building there are two indoor courts and two courts outside the stadium. The closed court system using push air (airthrust) or with conventional wood floor system suitable for the competition. Outside the Court, stadium type surface for a large synthetic training purposes.

    Match results can use both the scoreboard Board namely eye color or video matrix Board electronic eyes alpha numeric.Scoring is by entering data into the computerised results system used as support to the system manual. A capacity audience in the stadium are about 1,000 people at a time.

    In addition, athletes, officials, media personnel and viewers are provided with dressing room clean and spacious lounge, media room, cafeteria and spacious car park course.

  • Champion Stadium is the perfect venue for hosting events such as sports, dinner, seminar, family day mini concert rally community. The size of the closed court can be easily changed to formal events with court to involve minimal variation such as product launches or fashion shows. In other words, a stadium capacity of 1000 spectators is very appropriate in the event circumstances particularly large scale weddings and other social gatherings.

    Last but not least, Stadium Champion acts best in everything when hosting events
  • Non-Sports Events

    EventItemDetailsRental Rate
    Concert   Events Day RM100,000.00 per day
      Preparation/Loading RM2,000.00 per day
    Assemblies / Carnival / Conventions   Events Day RM5,000.00 per day
      Closet/Loading RM1,000.00 per day
    Exhibitions Entire area Events Day RM5,000.00 per day
      Preparation/Loading RM1,000.00 per day
    Family Day Entire area Events Day RM3,000.00 per day
      Preparation/Loading RM1,000.00 per day
    Filming Film / Video / Ads Shooting Events Day RM2,500.00 per day
    Still Photo Shooting Events Day RM1,000.00 per day
    Treasure Hunt
    (pelepasan acara)
      Events Day RM700.00 (maximum 5 hours)
    RM100.00 (charge per hour include Dataran Putra area)

    • Rental packages include: use of the Putra Square, PA system, Score Board, the use of the room, promotional materials, and stalls selling merchandising of 10 lots.
    • Utility charges based on meter readings.

    Sports Events

    EventDetailsRental Rate
    Basketball and other events Ticketed 15% @ RM1, 000.00 per day whichever is higher
    Not Ticketed RM1, 000.00 per day

    Packages offered include use as follows :-

    • Sports equipment
    • Scoreboard
    • PA System In House and Portable
    • Display Ads
    • Sporting goods outlets or a sponsor
    • The usage of the room
    • Utility

    DetailsRental Rate
    Package Rates, Audio Systems And Lighting System
    Once use all equipment RM7,800.00
    Stage (40’ x 40’) RM7,200.00
    Audio system RM600.00
    Lamps RM400.00
    Audio System & Lamps RM800.00
    Rates Ads
    (The maximum size of each A-Board is 20’ x 2 ½’)
    RM50.00 per unit per day
    Display advertising on scoreboard RM500.00 for 30 seconds
    Billboard RM250.00 per unit per day
    Posters RM15.00 per unit per day
    Advertising Balloon RM100.00 per unit per day (large)
    RM1.00 per unit per day (small)
    Flag liner (10’ long) RM30.00 per unit per day
    Bunting (max size per bunting is 2’ x 6’) RM50.00 per unit per day
    Banner (max size per banner is 2’ x 6’) RM50.00 per unit per day
    Other ads in the KSNBJ and KSNBK RM100.00 min - negotiable
    Display ads use 'Screen' RM1000.00 per day
    Display ads using Laser 'beam' RM1000.00 per day
  • Under Construction

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